About us


SParkof Entertainment...

Is a leading entertainment and media company specialized in live event production, artist management and music publishing.  We create, own and distribute intellectual property through our proprietary events portfolio. Some of our actual brands include Ciudad Sonido, Mojanolah, Vive Fest, Alegría Pa’l Pueblo, International Puerto Rico Tattoo Convention, Hoy Green Festival and La X Live Series. 

Our Vision

People: “A world united”

Portfolio: Develop proprietary events and content that unify and connect different people with same interests. 

Partners: Create a winning network with customers and suppliers that together can create more value for people. 

Planet: We encourage our stakeholders to live, preserve and enjoy Mother Earth.

Profits: We evaluate short and long term risk and benefits. This balance help us sustain our growth and our decisions are relevant now and in the future. 

Our Mission

To promote the unity of the world through entertainment experiences. 

To help artists, songwriters, music producers and talents connect with fans and those fans with brands.

Our Values

Passion - Is the heart of our company

Diversity - we know it takes people with different ideas, backgrounds, strengths, and interests to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and difference of opinions. 

Leadership: Te strategic direction of the team for Sparkof Entertainment is oriented to develop unique content using proprietary events. 

Integrity: Be honest, ethical and fair.